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PocketStalingrad is a print-and-play game for two players. By David Laufle The game is free, and might even fit in your pocket. download: | Rules | Cards #1 | Cards #2 |

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Zun Tzu is a simple but elegant program that allows you to play boardgames online.

The following 'gameboxes' are boardgame conversions provided by David Laufle:

Download Triumph of Chaos: An amazing Card Driven Wargame based on the Russian Civil War c1918.
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Download Republic of Rome: Intrigue and politics in the early years or the Roman Republic.
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Download The Hell of Stalingrad: A bloody card game of the turning point of WW2.
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You will need to install the main application from the Zun Tzu site. Then download and play the 'gameboxes'